Sandbur Walser House and its history

The house Sandbur was demolished in the XVI century in Älpele, and rebuilt at its current location in the centre of Lech. Today it is still one of the last remaining original Walser houses, perfectly preserved throughout time.

In its earlier days, Sandbur was part of an agricultural estate, which was the main source of revenue for the ancestors of Eugen Elsensohn.

In 1946, the owners began renting rooms to visitors; gradually, these were improved with the addition of full en-suite bathrooms, and later modern amenities such as TVs, telephones, safes, etc - bringing this traditional house up to date with the modern amenities that today’s guests would expect, while retaining its original charm and traditional decor.

In 1989 Walter Elsensohn, the owner of the nearby Hotel Schwarzwand, took over the house Sandbur; his daughter, Birgit Elsensohn, took over in 2016, adding continuity to a long family tradition in hospitality.